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    Innovation Labs is a hands-on 15 hour training program to help you innovate and explore new ideas. You can choose to create and build a prototype, designed by you, during the course of the training. Whether this is applied to your team, organization, or to finally get your idea off the ground, is entirely up to you.

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    See examples of innovation in action and learn how to create unique solutions to complex problems.

    Develop an impressive prototype during the training.


    Challenge yourself to start on a new idea and collaborate with other brilliant minds to make it a reality.

    Learn how to think out-of-the-box and build important things.


    Master a mindset that will lead you to breakthroughs in business, research, and personal projects.

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  • FAQ

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    Who is this program for?

    You have a desire to find solutions to problems, to explore outside of your area of expertise, and to challenge the status-quo. You want to develop ideas for your team, business, or self, while collaborating with people of various skills and backgrounds. You want to explore and pioneer new concepts to stay ahead of the game (and ahead of the competition). You enjoy researching and experimenting to discover new passions and ventures. Managers, directors, business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, makers, recent grads and students, are the types of people who will find this training extremely valuable.


    How will I apply what I've learned from the training?

    Whether it's developing your passion, starting a new business or social venture, bringing a product to market, understanding your customers, or simply teaching processes and methods to your department, the tools you learn in this training can be applied to any project. Participants will see a marked improvement in how they approach tasks and solve complex problems. Also, at the end of the training, you will have the opportunity to join our community of innovators, to progress your ideas further, or to assist others in progressing their ideas, through collaboration, networking, and mentoring.


    Can I get training for my organization?

    Yes, we have corporate rates if you want to train a number of employees within your organization. Contact us for more details, we'd be happy to work with you.


    Do I need technical skills?

    Even though we explore the hardware and software tools for innovation, the course does not require any specific formal training or technical skills. With practical hands-on training during the program, participants will learn to apply an innovation methodology to develop their ideas and projects.


    Are there prerequisites for taking the course?

    There are no prerequisites. It is recommended to bring a laptop with you, but everything else you need to complete the training will be provided.


    Where is the training held?

    Unit 10, 343 Railway Street, in Gastown, Vancouver, BC.


    Do you give promos for referrals?

    We love forming relationships, and part of that is building a large community of innovators. Promos for referrals and groups will be given upon inquiry. Send us an email!


    Can I get a refund?

    We understand that life can get hectic sometimes. That's why we accept full refunds for cancellations up to 48 hours prior to the start of the course. No questions asked.


  • Featured innovators in our community.

    See what they are building.

    David Hinds

    Sculpture - Augmented Reality App for Tourism


    David is the creative mind behind a project experimenting with augmented reality for the Vancouver tourism industry.

    Yann Serim

    Electrical Engineer -Indie VideoGame Arcade Machine


    Yann leads a team building a cloud-connected arcade machine for testing locally developed video games.

    Cliff Edwards

    Inventor - Distributed CO2 Capturing


    An experienced technology and science professional, Cliff is involved in a project that aims to remove/re-use greenhouse gases.

    Joey Limmena

    4th year engineering student - Cloud Computing Software


    Joey is leading a project that aims to develop an online application that fosters collaboration in universities.

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